The quest for cheap plane tickets has just become a lot easier thanks to a crack team of Reddit users.

Redditor SNOOP1 sought out the ”frugal” sub-reddit to ask for ”good ways or tips to get cheap airline tickets”.

Here are the ways people came up with;

1. Use the app Hopper

This app will tell you which airports will give you the cheapest flights, as well as dates on which to fly. 

The user who recommended the app says ”you can also set up alerts in case a flight goes on sale, so as soon as it’s cheaper, you can buy it.”

2. Buy tickets in advance


A number of redditors said the best way to get cheap airfares is to book three months before your planned vacation.

User CoGa cited a study that said booking a domestic flight 54 days before departure is the best amount of time to save hundreds of dollars.

3. Book in the middle of the week.

User randomt4sk suggested shopping only from Monday until Wednesday and not on weekends.

The user said that airlines usually release tickets for seats on these days so this is your best chance of getting a cheaper seat.

4. Take advantage of insider website.


If you have friends who are frequent travellers they may have access to paid services like ExpertFlyer, which shows how many seats at a specific flight are left on flights.

5. Make sure you’re shopping incognito.

Airlines can apparently track your searches for one flights, a user has revealed.

If you are constantly viewing information on one flight, the airlines knows you are committed to that flight, so the price will increase.

By switching to ”incognito mode” it means they cannot track your searches as the browser will prevent any information about your history be released.

6. Fly in/ out of a smaller airport.


A flight can be a lot cheaper if you are willing to take a bus or even a short flight from your destination to your actual city.

When flying to Melbourne, they recommend flying to Avalon. When it’s peak season on the Gold Coast, try flying into Brisbane!

7. Use the cheapest airlines!

TigerAir and Jetstar are the cheapest airlines in Australia and while they cover nothing but the flight, it should still work out cheaper.

Jetstar even offer a Price Match Guarantee, so if you go to book and TigerAir is cheaper, you can call them and they will match that price.

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