Travelling on motorways in NSW can be an expensive journey, but one toll company is trying to ease this financial pain for those working on the frontline.

Toll giant Transurban has announced that they will be offering healthcare workers free travel on their roadways in NSW, according to 9 News.

It comes in a bid to make it both easier and cheaper for essential workers to travel to and from work.

Thousands of Transurban’s four million customers have already cashed in on the offer, saving around $200 a day.

“We look at your travel patterns and we look at what your requirements are, and we assess it on an individual basis,” said Michele Huey from Transurban.

While the free travel is on offer for health workers, emergency responders, aged and stability carers, there are also big discounts on offer for small businesses and those who may have lost work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The travel discount will be available until the end of June and you can get refunds on trips going back until the beginning of April.


You can apply for the discounted travel through the Linkt website.

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