Instead of renting an apartment, you can now sign a lease that lets you live around the world! 

Roam provides short-term apartments with a communal feel, for today’s work-from-anywhere nomad. 

The new network of co-;living spaces offers a lease that lets you continually move. 

By 2017, the startup intends to have 8-10 locations around the world. 

It’s not designed for vacations, instead it’s an alternative way to think about home for ‘location-independent’ people who can work remotely. 

Founder Bruno Haid lived and worked nomadically in his twenties and wanted to make it easier for others to do the same. 

“Just managing my stuff and going back and forth between Airbnbs and housesitting became more cumbersome over time. At the same time, I was involved in a couple of early co-living communities in San Francisco and saw the cultural value of something like that”. 


Haid’s concept also hopes to alleviate the loneliness of showing up in a new city and culture knowing no one. 

A rare shot of me, not taken by me, without a camera in hand. In the moment back when I lived #Norway last year year.

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Residents each have their own private bedroom and bathroom but also have access to a coworking space and shared communal areas. 

“If you go from location to location, it always takes a couple of weeks to feel at home. That’s something that we want to make sure is done in a very short time frame. You can literally show up in Bali and you live with people who have been there for a long time, means you have everything you need to navigate the local community, to know what’s where, what can I connect to”. 

While it is possible to book for a week ($500, no matter where you are, or $1800 for a month) the startup prefers that people stay longer. 


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