Winter is almost here so you know what that means?

It’s time to get yourself on a plane and fly somewhere warmer, and make ALL of your friends 100% jealous of your lush Insta pics.

We’ve scouted some next level locations that will have all your mates asking, “where in the world are you?!”

Perivolos Beach, Santorini 

A little sick of perfect white sand beaches? Looking for something a little more unique? There’s something magic about the deep blue water washing up on black sand shores.

Kleopatra Beach, Turkey


The legendary goddess, Cleopatra was in fact said to have spotted off to bathe here in the Bay of Alanya on the Turkish Riveria. The beautiful stretch of coast still is home to a relic of the famous Seljuck castle, a gift to the Egyptian Pharaoh which you can still see from the beach.

Cala Salada, Ibiza

If you can take a moment from the non-stop party of Ibiza, you’ll notice that this high-energy spot is shockingly beautiful. Dive into the sky-blue water or capture the ultimate stair shot, with the rocky outcrop of Cala Salada behind you with a view to the beach beyond.

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I adore my man. So much. More than I can put into words.. but you guys need to understand that people in relationships who post about it on Instagram, hardly ever, if at all, post about the negatives. I’ve had people ask me if we even argue because we’re always going on about how much we adore one another. The answer is yes, of course we do. Conflict is where growth happens. You fight, you give the silent treatment, you’re stubborn, sometimes you even say things you don’t mean. But your love for one another always conquers that other crap. You both realise how silly it is. You promise you’ll do your best to be better and do better for the sake of the relationship. You put your pride aside and decide when to pick your battles and know that being happy is always more important than being right. That’s when you grow together. That’s when you realise how lucky you are. Because even when you argue, all you can think about is how excited you are to make up and continue this beautiful life together again. Conflict forces one of two things: defeat or a new beginning. Every argument or battle or tiff we have is a fresh start in an even healthier relationship. I love my man. Sometimes he annoys me so much but sometimes when we argue I’m smiling on the inside cause even his stubbornness is a part of him that I love (sometimes). Please remember that Instagram isn’t all that it seems. Don’t compare yourself to others. This isn’t an accurate depiction of our lives. Your fav couples aren’t perfect, nobody is. You’ve just gotta find that person who wants to fight for you too, forever and ever, until you’re both too grey and old to argue about something stupid like directions. I love you my angel ❤️

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Betina Cave Beach, Dubrovnik 

Perhaps the most interesting beach in Croatia! Cave Beach is only accessed by water and is a popular spot for Kayakers. This little beach is framed by a cave, making for next level Instagram shots. Betina Cave beach is the epitome of hidden water wonderland, opening on to clear Croatian sea (the kind you see in Yacht Week).

Praia de Miramar, Portugal

Off the beaten track more your style? Capture a moment of local Portuguese life with a charming fishing village, home to a stunning beach location. If you’re looking to get hitched, there’s even a small 17th century chapel, Senhor de Pedra, where you can say ‘I do’, perched on a rocky headland.


Navagio Beach, Greece

This slice of Greek heaven is best appreciated from the cliffs above so what are you waiting for? Drag yourself off the powdery white sands (just follow signs to the Agios Gergio Kremnao monastery) and head up to the viewing platform for some serious panorama action. FYI the actual beach is so special it’s only accessible by boat!

Diamond Beach, Iceland

Most Icelandic beaches feel like you’re visiting another planet (kinda like the whole of Iceland) and never is this truer than Diamond Beach. Not really a top spot for sunbathing, huge ice chunks regularly wash up on the shores of this spectacular setting. The sunsets don’t disappoint though, you’ll likely never see something so beautiful in your life.


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