A dog owner is now frantically searching for her beloved dog after it escaped from a kennel on the Spirit of Tasmania on Monday Night.

Holly Alexander was on her way to Victoria and had locked her doberman rottweiler, Ester away for the night.

“I had put my dog in a kennel and checked it twice to make sure that the door was shut,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“I was woken up at midnight to one of the security guards telling me that she had escaped and that had been trying to get her but had no luck.

“They would only let me look for an hour and I waited in the bar as they kept looking.”

Ms Alexander told Tasmanian publication The Mercury that she had assisted in the search with a harness and toys but was later told to return to the upper deck.

“They couldn’t find her, they didn’t raise any alarms when they were trying to get people to disembark or check their cars as they seem to think that she might of jumped in the Utes or trailers.


“I was there up until midday refusing to leave as they said she just vanished they check their limited cameras that they had on the dock/boat they don’t have cameras facing the kennels.”

Ms Alexander is moving to Tweed Heads and needs to be there by Thursday, with or without Ester. She plans to spend Wednesday calling pounds and shelters whilst the Spirit of Tasmania continue to search for the dog.

“She is my best friend and I just want her back. Not knowing if she’s dead or alive is killing me. Please help,” she pleaded on social media.

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