Berlin has BANNED residents renting out their homes to tourists on Airbnb. 

From this week, if any Berlin residents are caught renting entire houses or apartments to tourists or other short-term stayers, they could be fined up to 100,000 euro. 

The new implementation has been put in place in order to keep the city’s property prices low. 

Berlin’s head of urban development, Andreas Geisel, told The Local that it is “a necessary and sensible instrument against the housing shortage in Berlin”. 

It is believed that some landlords were renting exclusively to tourists and keeping local residents out, which in turn was driving up prices for accommodation in the city. 

The new law doesn’t rule out residents renting out individual rooms within their homes to tourists. 

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Speaking on behalf of Airbnb, Julian Trautwein said renting single rooms “helps many Berliners pay the rent”. 

“We will continue to encourage Berlin policymakers to listen to their citizens and to follow the example of other big cities such as Paris, London, Amsterdam or Hamburg and create new, clear rules for normal people who are sharing their own homes” he said. 

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