A TIkTok user has gone viral for discovering that her washing machine needs one thing done to it EACH MONTH!

Under the username Edi.Grey, this woman posted a video saying “So I saw on TikTok people cleaning their filter pumps, or whatever? Their filters for their washers?” 


@deardiary90s_kid y’all need to go watch these videos they’re amazing 🤩

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“I just Googled, and apparently you’re supposed to do this monthly? I think my boyfriend has owned this house for eight years, and he’s never done it. I’ve lived here for three, and I’ve never done it. I can safely tell you this washer has never been cleaned,” she goes on to say.

Edith then removes the filter and says “Water started coming out, and it literally smells so bad. I can’t even describe it. Ooh, no, no, no no!”

And she’s right, according to most instruction manuals, the process should be undertaken each month.

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