When it comes to putting baking paper in cake tins, things can get really messy. Unless you are a legend at cutting shapes, you can hardly ever get the size right. A dent or two in your cake base is almost a given.

However, a hack has popped up on social media that has blown people’s minds and has racked up 5million views!

Australian TikTok user @monmackfood has explained a quick and easy way to cut a perfect circle to fit the base of your cake tin.

Demonstrating in a short video, she first cuts out the baking paper, folds it into a square, and then a triangle.

She then folds it further into a point shape and puts the tip directly in the centre of the cake tin to measure it.

Taking a pair of scissors, she cuts the extra end of the paper and expands what is left. Ta da, a perfect circle that fits the cake tin. This should’ve been taught in school!


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People were amazed by the hack and keen to try it at home.

“WHAT!! I’ve been drawing around the tin and then painfully cutting around it my whole life,” one viewer wrote.

“Omg!!! You just saved me so much time!!” another added.


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