Whether you have kids or not, it is a fair guess that you know all about Woolworths’ Ooshies.

They are those little plastic toys that you’re given with your groceries and send some people absolutely bananas with the rarest Ooshies selling for tens of thousands of dollars on eBay.

Now, we might have seen the last of the Ooshies, with Woolies committing to cutting its plastic packaging weight by half within the next four years.

However, the supermarket giant has not yet confirmed whether the popular plastic figurines will be cut in order to meet the company’s sustainability goals.

Perth Now reports that Woolworths chairman Gordan Cairns declined to tell the company’s shareholders whether or not Ooshies would be retained.

“I don’t have a comment on commitment on promotional items like that … that is entirely in the remit of management,” Mr Cairns said.

The Ooshies campaign is believed to have been a major contributor to the company’s massive $17.9 billion sales figure for the 14 weeks leading up to October 2020.

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