New research by Deakin University has uncovered why men in their biological peak (28 to 34) are opting out of fatherhood.

Roughly 10 per cent of Aussie men in this age bracket are deciding not to have kids, and the research suggests three commonly cited reasons (in no particular order):

1. Finances – not believing they had enough money to raise a child.
2. A loss of freedom.
3. Enjoying their life as it is with friends, family and colleagues sharing negative experiences that acted as a deterrent.

The Herald Sun spoke to Shane Savage, 42, who said:

“In a way, it’s a non-decision,” Mr Savage said.

“Neither my wife nor I have had the biological urge to have children. If my wife had said she definitely wanted them, I would have said, ‘Fine, no problem’.”

“Some people say it’s selfish but whatever I don’t put into my children I can put into other good things for the world and I work for a lot of not-for-profit organisations,” he said.


“When I leave this world, my wealth will go to a good cause.”

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