New research has revealed exactly how long the average Aussie is likely to spend looking at their phone over a lifetime, and the findings were pretty miserable.

According to a study undertaken by, the typical Australian now spends around 5.5 hours on their phone each day.

With the average Australians’ lifespan around 82 years, that means that the typical person will now spend over 16 years of their life staring at the little blue screen.

Or for those playing along at home, around 20 per cent of your life. And when you put it like that, kind of depressing.

As you would expect, each generation recorded different phone habits with Gen Zs clocking up the highest phone usage of all generations at 7.3 hours per day.

Millennials followed spending 6.7 hours on their phone, while Gen X clocks up around 6 hours of screentime.

Boomers and the Silent generation spent the most time off their devices, both averaging less than 3 hours per day.


That’s a lot of time spent aimlessly scrolling Instagram.

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