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A sneaky uberEats hack has come to light that allows you to potentially feed your whole family for $4.30.

It works like this: use ‘pickup’ promo codes which give you massive discounts if you go and pick up your order.

And while you can only use one per order, you can just do multiple small orders to save big.

The codes you need to know are:

* PICKUP15 – which gives you $15 off

* PICKUP10 – which gives you $10 off


* PICKUP5 – which gives you $5 off

* PICKUP30 – which gives you 30% off.

One user on a Facebook group called Markdown Addicts shared how he nabbed a Chinese feast for just $4.30:

‘Thanks to the Ubereats code person.. 3 satay chicken noodles, 4 homemade dim sims, large sweet and sour chicken and chicken and corn soup.. $4.30 out of pocket.. The lady in the shop asked for the codes so she could order too lol’

Added another: ‘I did it too and it cost me a couple of dollars. Winning.’


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