We’re hearing about people attempting to cut their own hair during isolation, but when it comes to cutting their pet’s hair… it’s a whole other story.

Some dogs will walk away unscathed, but one dog has suffered at the hands of its owner who had picked up the scissors for the first time.

And the result is pretty hilarious!

Mashi the Pomeranian was full of fluff before his owner Hermione Underwood tried to clip her furbaby.

“Take it from @bossmash and wait until the professionals are back,” she said in a before and after Instagram post.


In the first photo, the little dog can be seen looking as cute as a button. Unfortunately for Mashi, in the next photo, he looks very embarrassed which a very tiny head and large poofy body!

We must say, despite the shocker job, Mashi is rocking his new look!

Best to wait until your groomer can get back to business we think!

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