You know how every now and then you stumble across something that just irks you?

And if you explain it you can come across as a bit petty, but there are just some really minor things around that (once you notice them) become really, really irritating.

One Aussie dad has shared one of those frustrations to Facebook, and to be honest, we’ve got to agree with him.

The man shared a photo of his local ALDI freezer section, pointing out some mismatching labels on the front of the freezers.


“My son pointed out to me that it says “Snack & Pies” at the top but “Pies & Snacks” at the bottom,” the man wrote in a Facebook group.


“I can no longer shop at Aldi without feeling agitated.”

This is just triggering, we want to go in there with a texta and fix it! Are we wrong here?

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