A snowstorm trapped a handful of people inside an IKEA in northern Denmark, forcing them to spend the night in the store, sleeping in the beds that are usually on show.

Six customers and about 24 staff were stranded when up to 30cm of snow fell.

“We slept in the furniture exhibitions and our showroom on the first floor, where we have beds, mattresses, and sofa beds,” store manager Peter Elmose told local press.

People could “pick the exact bed they always have wanted to try.”

He added that they spent the evening watching television and eating, adding it went “super well. It’s been a good night. All fun,” he said.

A couple of people working at a toy shop next door also spent the night in the IKEA showroom

“It’s much better than sleeping in one’s car. It has been nice and warm, and we are just happy that they would let us in,” Michelle Barrett, one of the toy shop staff, said.


“We just laughed at the situation because we will probably not experience it again,” she added.

Meanwhile, earlier in the week, another snowstorm trapped a bunch of punters inside a pub for three days in the UK.

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