Heading into Kmart for essentials is part of Australian culture and if you’ve picked up some ‘home brand’ items from the store before, there’s a good chance you’ll recognise the word Anko.

But wait… if these are just Kmart products, wouldn’t they just label them with the store name? Where did ‘Anko’ even come from?

Well, it turns out there is actually a meaning behind it and it is a lot more thought out than it might seem…

“Anko is an evolution of our existing ‘&Co’ brands: Home&Co, Kids&Co, Clothing&Co and Active&Co,” Kmart explains on its website.

“We’ve used ‘k’ in the name to pay homage to where it all started – Kmart Australia. It also stands for ‘A New Kind Of’, representing the change we’ve undergone since 2008.

The change was made in celebration of Kmart’s 50th anniversary in 2019, when Kmart thought it was “time to give our amazing product the recognition and celebration it deserves.”

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