An elite Sydney school has received further backlash, just one day after a group of Year 12’s disturbing muck-up day challenges surfaced. 

Among the challenges, students at Shore School in North Sydney were being dared to spit on a homeless man, take drugs and get arrested.

However, the school has been hit with another controversy, with a video surfacing of students in the Shore school uniform slamming some of Sydney’s “poorer” suburbs.

Uploaded to TikTok by Fonzie Gomez, the boys are asked to name the “worst” suburbs in Sydney.

A group of boys in the Shore uniform respond with “Blacktown” and justify their answer with “because it’s Blacktown”. Another student jumps in adding, “yeah, druggos”.

The video – which has since been deleted – also featured other students from elite Sydney schools criticising certain suburbs.

One boy branded Mt Druitt as the “worst suburb” in Sydney because it’s full of “lame thugs and eshays”.


Other students claimed Bankstown was the worst, claiming that residents will “roll ya”.

While most of the participants slammed suburbs in Sydney’s west, one student named Mosman as the worst because of the “rich kids” living there.

Shore School has had a rough couple of weeks after students also uploaded footage featuring their multi-million dollar campus facilities, which includes a “recovery pool”, a “harbour view library” and a “50 mill gym”.

The school forced the students to remove the video, but it had already gone viral with public school students showing the stark contrast between their own facilities.


In response to the viral video, Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge made it clear that the “video isn’t the problem –  it’s the fact this richly appointed school gets public $$ while so many public schools are desperate for even the most basic facilities – the kids get it, why don’t politicians?”

Hear what Jonesy & Amanda have to say about the school: