People love a good gadget to take with them on-the-go, so it is no wonder these bad boys are flying off shelves.

Big W’s new $19 portable blenders have popped up on social media and shoppers who have tested them out are simply raving about them.

The blenders are USB rechargeable with enough power for 20 uses. They come in four gorgeous colours, have a bonus metal strainer, a carry strap and a max capacity of 340ml.

Whether you are whipping up smoothies, cocktails or protein shakes, this is your secret weapon.

A photo that circulated on social media got lots of attention with many taking the opportunity to give their two cents.

“They are awesome, I bought one the other day,” one shopper wrote.


However, some users pointed out one issues. According to reviewers, the blades haven’t been strong enough to crush ice which would make it difficult to make ice cold drinks.


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