After news arose of the NSW government’s plan to spend $1.5 billion relocating Ultimo’s Powerhouse Museum to Sydney’s West, there was outrage. Things got even worse when it was revealed that the museum’s design plans had failed to include an entry point for visitors.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian joined Jonesy & Amanda to address the critical response towards the relocation of the Powerhouse Museum, particularly during these COVID-19 times.

First of all, the Premier confirmed that the government still owns the Ultimo site, and has no plans to sell it. In fact, there will be an exhibition site in its current location, as well as the museum itself in Parramatta, and storage facilities in Castle Hill.

“A third of our population lives in western Sydney, and there’s no cultural museum in that area,” she explained.

“The existing site will still be a cultural site. We’ll have an exhibition site in Ultimo, a brand new museum in Parramatta, and we’ll be upgrading the storage facilities for public viewing in Castle Hill.

“In Ultimo, part of the site will be a museum, another part will be a music theatre, while another will be residential. It’s about increasing the cultural space.”


Despite its expensive price tag, Berejiklian revealed that the new museum will create a whopping 4,000 jobs, which is particularly beneficial at the moment.

“In April, we had 221,000 people lose their jobs, and hundreds and thousands of people on JobKeeper, which runs out in September. We need more jobs,” she said.

“It’s really important for governments to keep up their public projects. Nobody is going to agree with everything that we’re going to do, but the outcome will be really positive!”

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