Have you ever been so frustrated by something, or a situation that you have personally vowed to never rest, until you have fixed the issue?

Well, that’s exactly what UK Dad Nick Herbert did after being so sick of sending his son text messages, to NEVER get a reply back.

After never getting texts back from his son Ben, a very frustrated Ben took matters into his own hands, and created (with some help) the app ReplyASAP.

“There are messaging apps that tell you when a message is delivered and seen, but the point is the message can be ignored or not seen because he didn’t hear it,” Nick explained.

“So ReplyASAP is my solution to this problem.”

The somewhat worrying app, allows users to send a message immediately, or schedule it in the future, and:
1. force an audible notification, even if the recipient’s phone is on silent.
2. shows the sender the recipient’s location
and, 3… it blocks the recipient form using their phone until they interact with the message from the sender.

“During the development process, I spoke to Ben and showed him the designs and thinking behind the app and he likes the idea because he will know that if he gets one of these messages then he will always hear it and will know it’s important,” Nick wrote on the app’s website.


“He will also have the ability to send me these messages, so there is a mutual understanding that using ReplyASAP is only for important things and not because he needs new batteries for his Xbox controller,” he explained.

The app is not yet available in Australia.

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