We really shouldn’t be surprised at this anymore, but Kmart has come through with the goods…once again!

One Kmart shopper has shared an amazing bargain that she picked up for just twenty bucks, and one section of the internet has gone mildly crazy about it.

Posting in a Facebook group, the woman shared a snap of her new jeans that she found for just $20, comparing them to $100 A Brand equivalents.

And people are throwing their love behind the cheaper option.

The woman’s $100 A-Brand pair

“Actually prefer the Kmart ones,” wrote one user in response to the pair of photos.

Others were quick to throw their support behind the woman’s, err, behind. “Your butt looks better in the Kmart jeans,” wrote one, with another commenter adding: “Kmart ones are better and makes your butt stand out.”


The $20 high-waisted jeans are still up for grab at Kmart stores and on their website.

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