If you have ever done a week’s worth of grocery shopping at ALDI then you will know that the biggest challenge is trying to keep up with the checkout cashiers’ amazingly quick scanning.

It’s the danger that comes with the territory of packing your own bags.

The whole thing really gives you a new-found respect for those super-quick people behind the manned checkouts.

Now, an ALDI customer has divided the internet with her slightly genius, slightly evil lifehack for dealing with speedy checkout operators.

The customer posted a photo to Facebook of her groceries on the conveyor belt all spaced about 30 centimetres apart from each other.

The woman added the caption: “In your face Aldi! Just so we got time to pack!”


And while some people lauded the genius of the idea, others were quick to label it “selfish”, with the whole process bound to back up the queues at the checkout.

What do you think of the idea?

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