Bluey has taken the world by storm and how could it not. Puppies and adventure go hand-in-hand.

For those heading to Bluey’s Big Play expecting an interactive singing and dancing stage show where your kids can let loose, well you might have to rein in the level of fun your kids have.

A new COVID-safe protocol has banned singing at the show being held at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide.

The health instructions state: “Due to COVID-19 restrictions, audience sing-a-longs are not permitted. Humming is allowed, but please refrain from singing. Instead, sit back, enjoy the music, and tap your toes!”

So to all those 5-year-olds out there, please refrain yourself from having fun and instead sit back, hum and tap your toes.

It is a strange time we’re living in, but parents are saying they will struggle to enforce the COVID regulations on their little ones.

Monica Haaja commented on Facebook saying “What are they gonna do? Kick the offending kids out and then have kiddy tantrums all over the place??!”


Similarly, Leigh Clark has said “Good luck telling my 4-year-old about covid regulations”.

The reasoning for the joyless rule was stated by an SA Health spokeswoman that “Health guidelines recommend singing in large groups should be avoided, as this increases the distance that droplets can travel.”

We are all for being safe, but does this seem a little ridiculous?

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