Want to get fit and healthy but not so keen on joining a gym? Maybe you don’t know where to start? Well, Sonia Kruger has the perfect solution for you.

The 54-year-old has launched her new fitness program called ‘Strictly You’ that’s designed to help you lose weight while having fun!

What makes it stand out from the rest of fitness programs out there is that Sonia’s workouts consist of dance-based workouts as well as a simple meal plan that does include some cheeky snacks. And by the sounds of it, it actually works!

Sonia joined Jonesy & Amanda in the studio this morning to tell us all about ‘Strictly You’.

“You don’t have to be a dancer to participate! It’s really aimed at people who like to dance in the living room which is me definitely on a Friday night,” she explained, clearly resonating with Amanda’s passion of dancing at home.


Uncoordinated? That definitely won’t stop you from a fantastic workout and most of all, an enjoyable one!

Each workout has been put together by personal trainers and includes dance routines, upper and lower body workouts and only go for approximately 25 minutes each.

Sticking to the food program is made super simple too because it will give you a specific shopping list for the meals that will best suit you, and for the amount of people that you need to cook for.

And, don’t you dare say that you’re “too old”!

“It’s primarily for people who are 40 plus, and they’re saying they are 40, 50, 60 years old but it makes them feel like they’re 20 when they are dancing in the living room and doing a bit of Cha-Cha, jive or funk!


“For a lot of people, going to the gym is daunting and a lot of fitness programs are aimed as if you want to be a fitness warrior, and I think for a lot of people, they just want to get up and get moving and have some fun.”

Depending on your current weight, people generally lose one kilo a week on the program.

“Some people have lost up to three kilos in a week which is great news!”

So, where do we sign up?!

If you want to get amongst the dancing action you can check out Sonia’s program Strictly You here!


And you can hear more about it in our chat with Sonia Kruger in the video above!

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