At the moment it feels like Australians are locked in a debate about what they think is the right thing to do when it comes to combating the coronavirus pandemic.

The main question at hand, should Australia go into a complete lockdown?

At the moment we are being told to self-isolate where possible and maintain social distancing, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison choosing to close down non-essential services rather than place everyone into a complete shut down.

We also saw further restrictions and rules introduced during a press conference, with Australians told people can’t have any guests at weddings, no more than 10 people at funerals and that we shouldn’t be holding gatherings at our homes.

You can see the full list of new restrictions here.

While some people are in support of this decision, there are others that think we are just putting off the inevitable and that we should go into lockdown like other countries have already done.

A full lockdown would mean that everyone would need to stay inside all day, everyday with the trips only made outside the home to buy necessary items, perform one form of exercise a day, seek medical help or to travel to and from work if you can’t work from home.


So what do you think? Jonesy & Amanda opened up the question to their listeners following news that the UK and New Zealand had decided to go into lockdown. Should we be doing the same?

Click ‘PLAY’ below to hear what Jonesy & Amanda think:

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