We don’t know how it happened but in 2020 air fryers went from weird fringe appliance to the mainstay of just about every kitchen in Australia.

They are truly life-changing.

And it’s no surprise that one of the most popular air fryers is the one being sold by Kmart for $89.

Kmart Air Fryer as featured on store’s website

However, one Kmart shopper has warned fellow air fryer fans that their much-loved device could burn them.

The man says that a crack in the handle of his 5.3L Kmart Air Fryer caused the basket and tray to drop from the handle when picked up.

He told 7News that his partner’s hands and feet were burned when the hot tray and basket fell, causing them to “immediately blister”.


He pinpointed the fault to a small crack in the handle that could be difficult to detect if not closely inspecting it.

A Kmart spokesperson told 7News that they are looking into the claims about faults with the product.

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