Turns out that over half (52 per cent) of all Aussies have taken part in some sort of black magic (communicating with the dead, casting spells or curses, fortune telling and more).

Half of all Aussies (52 per cent) would put a curse on someone if they had the chance, with politicians (26%) the most likely to get hit with a hex, followed by strangers who annoy them (19%) and bad drivers (19%). The stats have been released by Audible ahead of the release of John Safran’s new podcast.

As a result, Jonesy & Amanda encouraged listeners to call up with their own ‘Black Magic Tale’.

While most of our calls had us giggling, it was Peter’s story that left us all with goosebumps.

“Back in the ’70s, we were playing a Ouija Board with my mate, my sister and her best friend,” he explained.

“We had a round glass table with a candle underneath – all the letters and numbers underneath – and it said that when my sister’s friend was 21, she was going to die.”

At 21, she disappeared.


Hear Peter’s full story here:

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