(From Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge)

“It is with a very heavy heart that I write this bittersweet update. After an emotional and intense 3 day search Shagy was tracked down. I want to start by making it very clear that Nathan has not done anything wrong. He saved Shagy’s life and if it weren’t for him, Shagy would have certainly died a slow and painful death alone in a skip bin. His love and devotion to Shagy is incomparable. He has provided wonderful and loving care of a poor dog that has now been stolen twice – once from her original owners and then from Nathan.

Through the search, it came to light that Shagy was reported to police as missing or stolen some time ago (and that her original name is Dee Dee). We have been informed that there is CCTV footage of the person responsible for her first theft. On Sunday Shagy was found dumped in Petersham by the person who stole her from Nathan. Someone picked her up and took Shagy to a vet and that vet scanned her microchip and called the people listed on the microchip. The family are said to be happy to have their dog home and they have had her since she was a puppy.

Nathan is understandably devastated and requests people cease calling and contacting him on his phone number. Nathan is being supported by appropriate people and is hopefully on his way out of homelessness and to one day getting a new dog of his own. If you would like to contribute to Nathan there is a Go Fund Me campaign (see link).

We hope Shagy’s/Dee Dee’s original owners come forward to enable Nathan to say goodbye and so they can thank him for saving their dog’s life.

We want to thank everyone in this amazing community for your generosity of spirit and support for Shagy and Nathan. The media, the police, Amanda and all those who have offered information and assistance are legends and this case would not have been cracked without you. A big thanks to Constable Nairn and his team from The Rocks Police Station for their quick response to our information and for immediately ensuring Dee Dee was safe and well.

It’s not the ending we were all hoping for. We were all so committed to seeing Nathan and Shagy reunited. However it is not to be and ultimately at least we know Shagy/Dee Dee is alive and well and back with her first family who police say are happy to have her back. It’s better than always wondering…

May Dee Dee live out the remainder of her years with the same love and care shown to her by Nathan… She will always be Shagy to us ❤️

Nathan, you are a true Aussie legend and we all send wishes of love and support to you at this sad time. All of our hearts are breaking for you and you are not alone.”

A homeless man is offering every cent he has for the safe return of his pet dog after she was stolen from Circular Quay on August 30th.

Nathan left his dog while he went to the toilet for just two minutes when a heartless thief took his beloved dog, Shaggy.

Upon his return, she was gone. He ran around looking for her, pleading for onlookers – including a police officer – to help, only to be ignored by them all.


“All I could do was sit on my bed and cry,” the Sydney man told Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge.

Nathan saved his little companion from a skip bin close to death back in 2019, and nursed her to good health.

They’ve been best friends ever since.

“Nathan rescued Shaggy from a skip bin out the back of Surry Hills just before Christmas 2019. She had a shopping trolley on top of her as well,” Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge wrote in a Facebook post.

“He took her to Redfern Vet and arranged for antibiotics. Shaggy was almost dead when Nathan found her.

“The vet allegedly told Nathan that she was so badly neglected and malnourished that the people listed on her microchip had obviously abused her. He hand fed her small amounts and nursed her back to health.


“Nathan goes without so he can give her quality food ~ ‘I’m very picky about what she eats’ Nathan told me. I saved her but really she saved me'”.

He is now offering a $300 reward for Shaggy’s return after making a promise to the dog that he’d be by her side until the day she died.

Facebook posts have been set up to help reunite Nathan and Shaggy.

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