Students have helped their school parrot celebrate its 70th birthday with a special party.

The choir at the Rouge Bouillon School in Jersey, UK, sang happy birthday to the songbird named Sim, and even presented him with a cake that was edible for both humans and birds.

The Amazon parrot has been the school’s official pet since 1988, and even survived a fire which destroyed part of the school building in 1991.

Every day, students assist in looking after him by feeding Sim and cleaning his cage.

“When we have new children arrive at the school who may not speak English, we take them to go see him and he makes them feel very welcome,” Deputy head teacher Jess Doyle told BBC.

She added that there are “thousands of people” across the island with fond memories of the adorable bird.


Most Amazon parrots do not live much beyond 50, but Sim is not your average bird!

Happy Birthday Sim!

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