With New South Wales largely bringing the number of COVID-19 cases in its state under control, attention has been focused in SA on when the border with our eastern neighbour will reopen.

Following the state’s meeting of the transition committee, Premier Steven Marshall has revealed that state borders will reopen with New South Wales later this week.

New South Wales has recorded over 4,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic hit Australia, but currently has 136 active cases across the state.

Premier Steven Marshall flagged the reopening of the border today, on the provision that the virus’s spread is kept under control.

“We are know in a position to advise people of South Australia, that subject to no community transmission occurring in New South Wales between now and midnight tonight, we will open the border with New South Wales from midnight tomorrow.”

Under the new arrangement, people entering South Australia from New South Wales will no longer be subject to the mandatory 14-days of self-isolation.

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