Written by Natasha Lee.

Now with the weekend weather warming up, we asked Sarah to share her favourite hikes around Sydney that even novices will get a kick out of doing:

“I love catching a train down to Cronulla, and catching the ferry that goes across to Bundeena,” Sarah explained.

The area is home to the Royal National Park – which is the oldest national park in Australia.

“It’s absolutely stunning,” Sarah said, adding that she will “walk the whole lot over two days and camp halfway”.

For anyone starting out, however, she recommends just covering half of it.


Sarah said this is one of her favourite walks and is perfect for anyone starting out as there are lots of “train-to-train station” entry points.

“When you get there, you can descend into these beautiful estuaries and valleys and then come back up again,” she said.

Most of the walks are around 10km, which Sarah recommends doing across the day while stopping for a picnic in between.


If you’re really new to this hiking game (cough, cough) then Sarah suggests to start here.

According to the NSW Government’s National Park website, the track is an 8km loop which should take, at the most, just over two hours. So, very doable.

Sarah said she loves it because it’s “very easy to find and is a good one for the kids. You go through river crossings and come out at a cave with Aboriginal red hand paintings”.

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