Rundle Mall is known for its eye-catching pieces of public art, it has giant balls and pigs eating from the bin, obviously.

But its latest sculpture, which is simply called ‘pigeon’, might be its boldest.

‘Pigeon’ is a giant pigeon, surprisingly, and is an homage to the birds that terrify all those fellow people with an irrational fear of birds as they walk to work every morning.

The sculpture set Adelaide City ratepayers back around $174,000.

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor told the ABC that the sculpture celebrated the birds in a “quirky and intriguing way”.

‘Pigeon’ is at the Gawler Place entrance to the mall, just a stone’s throw from four bronze pigs eating trash. Don’t try to explain any of this to people from interstate. It just wouldn’t make sense.

The otherwise unremarkable birds have earned more fans in Adelaide this year, back in September one South Australian started a ‘Pigeon Lives Matter’ campaign in Victoria Square in response to pigeon culling in the CBD.

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