Ever considered your very own private island for a holiday? Of course not, those things have a price tag that only a winning lottery ticket can cover.

Or at least we thought.

Turns out, there are private islands that are affordable.

Like we’re talking as little as $15 per person.

Check this out…

Lumot Lake, Philippines

Sleeps 6


A week’s stay starts from $665, working out to be $15.83 per person per night.

45-Acre island, Minnesota

Sleeps 20

A week here is just $8808 – working out to just $62.91 per person per night.

Ynys Castell, Wales

Sleeps 13 (pets allowed!)

The lowest rate being 7 nights in October for $2802 – just $30.79 per person per night.

Isletas de Granada in Nicaragua

Sleeps 2 


A week on the island costs $1645, including service fee, meaning it’s just $117.50 per person per night.




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