An Aussie traffic controller has taken to TikTok to reveal the eye-watering amount of money she makes a week.

In the video – which has over 7 million views – Chloe Taouk reveals what she is paid controlling traffic around Sydney’s construction sites.

Are you ready to hear how much she earns?

Working almost 58 hours in six days, Taouk receives a whopping $2949 a week.

For a 15 minute shift on Thursday, she scored herself $148, and raked in $717.40 for 12.5 hours on a Sunday.

A 14 hour shift on Wednesday saw her receive $611.50, while nine hours on a Saturday calculated to $557.

On Monday, she worked for 12 hours, which scored her $496, while a 10-hour shift on Tuesday netted her $409.45.


This equates to approximately $50 an hour for her working week.


We need a pay rise #trafficcontrol

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We don’t know about you but we think we’re in the wrong industry!

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