CommBank knows that behind every small business is a person… and behind every person is a story. Sometimes the most valuable advice comes from your fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

A number of small business owners have shared their story with us and we wanted to showcase some of these to highlight their valuable tips and insights.

Loviner Lee, Lovlee Support Services

“Diversify your marketing methods and don’t rely on one source. I have used Gumtree ads, Google Ads, promoted on Facebook groups, networked with other small business owners to obtain referrals. Don’t give up as it is not an easy road but just persevere and eventually word of mouth will happen and you will easily get referrals that way.” 

Joseph Campbell, Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology


“Focus on providing excellent service to your clients and stay true to your business’ core values – the income and long-term clients will follow. Also going above clients’ expectations when possible and doing that ‘little bit more’ can go a long way in people’s minds.

We’re a small business who provides a service to elderly and individuals with disability in our community. We’ve found that focusing on quality service rather than quantity and exceeding expectations when we can has led to great client relations and increased work opportunities.

Also look after your staff as they are your business’ face!”

Deborah Johnston, TRAC International Pty Ltd

“Run your small business with integrity in everything you do. Your staff, your suppliers, your customers, your advertising. Be honest. If you don’t have an answer, say, but then find the answer. If you are having cash flow problems, tell your bank. Everyone is more willing to help you out if you show integrity. It is often the reason customers will continue to choose your small business over a large company.”


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