Kmart Australia has launched a new website feature that allows customers to see how products look in their home before they buy them.

Using augmented reality (AR), customers can use their phones to choose from some furniture, home décor and bedding products to visualise and view how the products will look.

Customers can access the feature through the K-Labs page on the Kmart website and will then use their phone to choose products and place them in their homes.

The items can then be moved and turned to ensure they fit.

Prices are also listed beside the image of each product.

‘The immersive AR and AI experience was designed to bring joy and inspiration to customers’ lives,’ said Kmart head of digital Melissa Wong.

‘With extra help from our AI chatbot personality – KBot assist – we have been able to make shopping easier for customers by sprinkling delight across the customer journey,’ she said.

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