Home renovation TV shows like The Block, Reno Rumble and House Rules may contributing to an increase in hospital admissions for ladder falls. 

Leigh Warren, a trainee surgeon in Adelaide, said about 3500 Australians were being admitted to hospital after ladder falls each year, and most of them were men falling at home – not people at work where safety precautions are mandated. 

The trend is thought to be caused by inspiration from Australian home renovation shows which lead everyday Australians believe they can do risky work themselves. 

However what the general public may be missing is that on those TV shows there is an abundance of tradesmen and OHS staff, ensuring every step is safe and supported.  

The increase in ladder incidents has suggested home renovations should involve helmets while using ladders. 

Home renovations are great – but unless you have plenty of professional help, make sure you are taking every precautionary action you can! 


The Age

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