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How to get away and not spend an arm and a leg
Where to find Cheap Flights
Travel insurance dos & don’ts

Holidays for many people can become expensive and when they return have a huge personal loan or credit card debt that negatively reminds them of the holiday.

To go away on holiday without the stress of spending too much money and having to pay for the consequences when you get back I suggest that the holiday is planned in advance and you set yourself an aggressive savings plan in your budget to pay for your holiday and avoid relying on credit. This way, you can enjoy the holiday more and when you get back, you don’t have to pay the interest that is accruing on the debt as a result.


Before you go on holiday:


• Monitor the exchange rate
• Investigate Travel insurance
• Don’t hire a car at the airport
• Book your trip and activities in advance
• Watch your mobile costs (Roaming)

Cheap Flights

Webjet would be the most know flight comparison website in the country. They are the largest online travel agency. Be mindful that when you use such website that there are administration fees to provide the service. The benefit is that you don’t need to search different website to find the best deal. 

Travel Insurance

With all the excitement of planning your holiday, it can be easy to forget to arrange travel insurance. 

Travel insurance can be purchased for holidays within Australia as well as overseas holidays.  It is important that you read the insurers Produce Disclosure Statement otherwise known as a PDS, the information contained in the statement will determine whether the policy suits your needs. 


Reasons for Travel Insurance:

• Getting Sick, you may get medical assistance and cover the costs of treatment. 
• Luggage, you may lose or damage luggage. 
• Annual Cover, it may be cheaper to purchase an annual cover if you plan more than one holiday
• Risky Activities, Double check if you are covered if you plan risky activities like mountain climbing
• Existing Medical Conditions, Be honest with your insurer. Your insurance will be void if you had an existing condition

DONT: Lastly, social media. Yes it’s great to tell your family and neighbours to look after your house while your away. But be mindful with social media, you are letting the world know that your house will be empty. 

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