A Melbourne father has accused one of Australia’s biggest chains of exploiting his teenage daughter and potentially other junior staff.

Brad Marsh contacted the Fair Work Commission after he found out his 15-year-old daughter’s weekend pay rate with Bakers Delight was almost half the reward rate.

“(My daughter) got paid and she complained to me about her first paycheck and how little she got paid,” Mr Marsh said.

“I just shrugged and said ‘that’s alright, a bit of hard work won’t kill you’.

“I looked at her payslip, and I couldn’t understand how little she was being paid for six hours of work on a Sunday.”

Mr Marsh’s daughter worked in Melbourne’s Kew store and had been contracted under the 2006 WorkChoices agreement, which has officially expired but can legally roll on.

The contract continues until the employer or the employees ask for it to be terminated.


“It didn’t make sense; I thought how could they be paying less than the award?” Mr Marsh said.

“Clearly it wasn’t in Bakers Delight’s interest to terminate this agreement because they’re making a killing from it.”

Bakers Delight started as one store in Hawthorn, Melbourne and is seen as one of our biggest success stories, with it now owning or franchising 700 stores in three countries.

Many of the bakeries young staff are paid between $8 and $16 an hour, with their penalty rate being just 110%, which is far below the usual double time for Saturdays and Sundays.

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