Time to upgrade your home entertainment system because ALDI’s pretty much giving this stuff away at this point.

Firstly, we don’t know how big your current TV is but Aldi will be selling a 58 INCH 4K HD TV, 58 inches is like… 146cm, that’s almost 1.5 meters long!

We might not understand all the tech terms, but that’s big even by our standards.

It’s an Android TV so it can connect with Google Assistant to you have easy access to your favourite streaming apps… you can even listen to us!

It’s going for $579 on the 19th of September for ALDI’s Special Buys and to pair it perfectly they’re also flogging a Fabric Soundbar for $89.99.

The sound bar comes with 2 x 20W speakers which are remote controlled, has optical and coaxial inputs, Bluetooth and USB playback so you can binge watch all 6 seasons in HD and perfect sound.

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