While restrictions across the country might be slowly easing, there’s no denying that our country is maintaining its strict border control of the migration of international travellers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sydney hotels continue to be inundated with Australian citizens/residents returning from overseas, who are subsequently required to undergo 14 days of hotel quarantine.

One of these people include the latest addition to the WSFM family, radio host Ugly Phil.

A few days ago, Ugly Phil returned to Australia from the UK on a plane with just 30 other people. While he was expecting strict medical checks on arrival, he was shocked at the difference between how the UK and Australia are treating the pandemic.

“They [Australian border security] take it very seriously… it’s so different to the UK,” Ugly Phil told Jonesy & Amanda this morning.

“I went through about 13 checks… a nurse asks how you’re feeling and whether you’re feeling unusual, and then you go through police checks, and the army is there,” he explained, adding that he wore his face mask for 30 hours.


“Nobody speaks to you on the coach [on arrival], and you don’t know what hotel you’re going in… you go the back way!

“Members of the army individually take you to your hotel room where you stay for two weeks… no gym, no foyer.”

However, after spending three months in lockdown in an east London apartment, the isolation isn’t too much of a problem for Phil. In saying that, there’s some very strict protocols.

“When your dinner is ready, you’re not allowed to open your door. They knock, and then you go and get your food,” he explained.

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Unable to open any windows, all the hotel ‘guests’ are evenly spaced between rooms.


“There’s 13 steps from the door to the curtin so I’m doing laps of that. I knew I was going to be in quarantine so I got this velcro strap attached to a ball so I walk around this room punching this leather ball. It’s not so bad.”

Despite these strict rules, the radio host has no complaints.

“Kudos to the Australian government, police, army and doctors because they take it really seriously… It’s great that they are able to do this.”

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