A professional sniffer has been used to ascertain if a Perth fried chicken restaurant smelled or not.

After moving from North Perth to Lake Street last year, 7Grams Chicken Cafe & Restaurant has copped a series of complaints over its smell.

It’s understood that a professional sniffer was hired to assess the issue after a petition was presented to the City of Vincent claiming the odour was “offensive and permeates outdoor areas and dwellings and has a detrimental impact on residents’ quality of life”.

It was reported that six patrols were conducted by odour consultant Phillipe Najean, who found that no smell could be detected within a 160m radius of the store when there was no wind.

However, on a windy day, he discovered an “obvious” fried and oily smell could be detected 100m away and a less obvious but present smell from 140m away.

The owner undertook several major upgrades after being slapped with a Health Act Notice “to stop emitting odours from the exhaust stack” by November 23 but pointed out that the smell only occurred on windy days and that they “can’t control the wind.”

An appeal by the restaurant will be heard by the State Administrative Tribunal on November 5.

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