Conspiracy theorists protesting the construction of 5G networks across the world have turned to burning down 5G phone towers in protest of their supposed links to the spread of COVID-19.

And in some cases, they’re accidentally burning down 4G towers, which probably goes a long way to explaining the critical thinking abilities of these people.

Attacks on 5G mobile phone towers began in the UK last week, with incidents also being reported in the Netherlands and Ireland.

Closer to home, however, anti-5G protesters in New Zealand appear to have accidentally targeted a 4G mobile phone tower.

Conspiracy theory or not, the destruction of communication infrastructure during a global pandemic is probably not the smartest move.


Anti-5G protests are not a new thing, with the emergence of the new communication technology being the target of activists for at least six months, with conspiracy theorists linking 5G to everything from cancer to the deaths of birds.

But it’s not just fringe-dwelling nutjobs peddling the misinformation, celebrities like John Cusack and Woody Harrelson have also pushed the possibility of a link between 5G and the spread of the coronavirus.

And while more recent coverage has been even-handed, Russian state broadcast RT has been criticised for its coverage of 5G, previously claiming risks including brain cancer and autism.

You would probably be un-surprised to learn that there is no scientific evidence showing a link between 5G and the spread of the coronavirus.

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