The career paths of NSW high school graduates will be tracked to get a better understanding of how schools can prepare students for workforce success.

From 2022, the Department of Education will use government data to see how many high school graduates continue to study, work or become unemployed over five years.

NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said the strategy will help measure the success of the education system.

“Education should be lifelong – and our system needs to be engaged with students after they graduate,” she said in a statement on Friday.

“We currently only measure the extent of a school’s success by the results of students while at school, but the value of a quality education extends well beyond a student’s final exams.”

By analysing how students perform after school, educators hope to have a better understanding of how a school can prepare students for success.

From 2023 targets would be set for individual schools, based on the new data, to help them align their resources to better support students entering and navigating the world after school.



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