NSW schools have banned parents from bringing in cake for their child’s birthday due to “safety, hygiene and nutritional concerns”. 

Over the past few years, schools have restricted cakes due to allergies and safety issues, with principals asking parents to bring in cupcakes because the use of knives were too dangerous at school.

While schools banned birthday treats last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, some principals have banned birthday sweets completely for nutritional reasons.

Daily Telegraph reports that Greta Public School in the Hunter has banned parents from bringing in birthday sweet treats, and instead asked them to order a bucket of healthy ice blocks for every student.

The publication report that the newsletter reads, “The ‘bucket’ has enough sugar free zooper dooper ice blocks for your child’s class, delivered at a time when the teacher says is convenient to their learning day”.

Greta Public School

Similarly, Wollondilly Anglican College has also banned birthday celebrations because of nutritional concerns.


“No Class Birthday Cakes and Treats 2021,” their newsletter states.

“While this is a lovely gesture, the number of birthday treats coming into the College each day is causing concern… This makes it difficult to promote our healthy eating policy.”

Other schools across the state have also banned birthday sweets, telling parents to buy ice blocks instead.