Drivers in NSW have been hit with over $60 million worth of fines for using their mobile phones behind the wheel over the past year.

The rise in these fines coincide with the introduction of mobile phone detection cameras, which were first introduced in NSW in December 2019 for an initial test before fines were enforced from March 2020 onwards. In just the first two months of operation, mobile phone detection cameras in NSW caught 21,000 drivers using handheld devices.

Fines in NSW in 2020 for mobile phone-related offences tallied up to a total of $60,789,900. From this, a whopping $56,411,416 came from offences caught on mobile phone detection cameras.

This is an increase of $52,160,719 from 2019.

Drivers lose five demerit points and a $344 fine if they are caught using a mobile phone, or a $457 fine if caught in a school zone.

Source: 9 News

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