Kindness in the supermarket can sometimes feel like a forgotten concept, especially after all that panic-buying that spread through the country throughout 2020.

However, there is at least one supermarket shopper out there still looking after fellow customers.

A Victorian woman has shared her story of about a random act of kindness from a stranger at a Woolies checkout, and it is honestly so heartwarming.

The mum has taken to Facebook to share her story, saying that she is “still emotional” from the episode.

She explained that she was at the supermarket checkout scanning her items for dinner when she realised that she would not be able to afford everything that she had picked up.

The woman says that she then asked “the checkout lady to put some things aside”, feeling embarrassed by the whole situation.


But before she could finish removing the items that she couldn’t afford another man in the checkout queue had offered to pay for some of her items.

“So I almost finished doing this … when the man line behind us said it’s ok you pay for what you can and I will cover the rest,” she continues.

Posting into the Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic, which was created as a response to negativity stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, people were quick to jump into the comments and share how much they love the story and the stranger who helped out at a time in need.

And we reckon you’re pretty good too, random stranger!

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