When major sales like Big W’s Toy Mania come around, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your Christmas shopping done nice and early – especially if you are going to save a LOT of cash.

That’s exactly what one mum has done, revealing on social media that she spent $5465 on her six children and niece at the sale.

She also boasted on the Big W Mums Australia Facebook group that she saved $1497 thanks to the store’s hefty discounts – not bad!

Other shoppers were more than happy to share their purchases, uploading photos of their stacked up trollies.

The best sellers of the sale have included the Bluey’s Family House Playset ($69), Barbie Dreamhouse Playset ($249), Lego Technic Car Transporter ($149) and Nerf Ultra One Motorised Blaster ($49).


This year, eager parents who wanted to get in early were met with a queue system at midnight on Tuesday 16 June – even at 2am!