We’re not quite sure about where the sits on the line between genius and evil, we’re going to have to say way closer to the evil end of the spectrum.

A US woman has been copping heat online and dividing opinions online for a tv-watching rule she brought into her household.

In a video shared to TikTok, the woman shows exactly what her kids have to do if they wish to watch television.

“I only let my kids watch cartoons if they’re walking on a treadmill,” the video’s caption reads.

“One day my 11-year-old walked 16 miles,” that’s over 25 kilometres for those of us living outside of the US.

And while some people in the comments lauded the mum for her genius, with one person going so far as to say that “You win at parenting!” others were not quite so impressed.

One commenter called the rule “low-key evil” while another claimed that her son will be talking about the whole thing in therapy one day.