Australia is set for a spectacular show of streaking lights and shooting stars as the Eta Aquariid meteor shower takes to our skies.

In the early hours of the morning this Friday, Saturday and Sunday the stunning display will be visible.

Astrophysicist, Dr Brad Tucker, said spectators can expected between 15 to 20 ‘shooting stars’ an hour.

“This meteor shower is caused by bits of rock and ice that have broken off from Halley’s Comet! As it goes around the Sun, it leaves a trail of debris like a boat leaves a wake in the water.”

“It makes for an incredible display of streaking, bright lights and is one of the best meteor showers you will see all year.”

The show is set to start around 2:30am each morning and will continue until about sunrise.

It’s recommended you find a dark spot and look up towards the East for the best view.


“And you don’t need a telescope. Look up, and let your eyes soak in the display.” Dr Tucker added.

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